Professional Athletes
Professional athletes get a full, detailed postural assessment as well as a biomechanical video assessment. From this their strengths and weaknesses can be pinpointed as well as having a good idea of why  injuries reoccur. Athletes also undergo gastrointestinal, metabolic and hormonal health testing. This allows us to build an accurate profile of the athlete and begin a treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is in effect an exercise program is designed. This will allow the athlete to permanently address any injury, so that it does not  reoccur. At this point an exercise program is designed for sport specific performance; altitude training would also be addressed as well as the use of ultrasound diagnostic equipment to assess any musculoskeletal changes. All this allows for
  • Stop injuries reoccurring
  • Compete at a higher standard for a longer period of time and
  • Increase their career time at top level of their sport

This will allow the athlete to live a fairly normal life in later years in terms of movement when they are old. At this point the athlete would need to come in for coaching less often, unless a different issue arises or they choose a different sport to compete in!

All professional athletes and or bodies are required to sign an NDA with us!

The game has changed today. Money has a significantly bigger influence on the sport. This means that many sports are at the mercy of TV advertising peak times. The result, a longer season with more competition time. This is one of the two main reasons for the rate of injury increase, especially the same type of injury. The other main reason, still in today's professional sports world it can be seen that rehabilitation is not what it should be for the athletes.
We have taken athletes who were going to retire due to injury and got them back into competition. We have got athletes to compete at a higher level for longer during the game and recover quicker. We have allowed athletes to increase their career time.
We have resolved the same injuries happening that keeps the athlete out of their game.
We have a lot to offer professional athletes and sporting bodies. 
In today's sporting world, understanding your competitors weakness is also a key requirement. Our unique system of understanding athletes biomechanics allows us to give advice to coaches as to where their opponents are weak due to physical ability. We do not advise on the technical aspect of the game.
Professional sports is just like any business that has to be ahead of the cure to be the best at their game.We have always been around 3 years ahead of the curve with Olympic athletes. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Consulting costs for professional athletes & sporting bodies - 850/ hour.

Please note:
Additional clinical tests for gastrointestinal, metabolic and hormonal health testing are not included. The cost of these tests can be found on our website under the clinical tests section.

'Yudelowitz takes a more holistic view of the body than, say, a physiotherapist would.  Instead of treating the symptoms he identifies the problem'
Financial Times 20 June 2008