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Saul Yudelowitz Bsc (Hons)

Most people over eat; we are all too familiar with the tight belt situation that requires loosening! The truth is that we over eat because we are not giving our body the nutrients that it needs to function.

What most people do understand is that overweight people eat more however there are many reason for this, in this article I will discus just one namely bioavailability!

Bioavailability (B.V) is the degree to which a substance becomes available to the body after it is absorbed. Put simply it is the percentage of food that the body can use to nourish itself. Letís compare two products, A and B. For our example lets assume that product A has a B.V. value of 1% while product B has a B.V. value of 80%.

You would need to eat 80 times more of product A to get the same nutrition from eating product B just once! The person eating product A consumes more energy than they will need and their survival mechanics convert this excess energy into FAT! This is where most people get it wrong; eating so that you feel full is easily achieved at a low cost with food that has a low BV value. Consuming large amounts of food will become unavoidable, as you eat food with a low B.V. value you are not nourishing the body and your brain will tell you that you are hungry until you supply it with adequate nourishment! This result in overeating and sugar cravings which predispose you to many other problems!

I always explain to my patients that spending a little more on food that has a high B.V value is essential! There are many ways to understand the B.V. value of food and while it takes time to master it is well worth the effort. You can be sure that in the near future governments will not require food producers to give the B.V value to consumers so itís up to you!

It is also worth noting that we are not made of what we eat, the body can only use what it absorbs from what we eat and our environment. This holds true for the food we eat as well!

Nutrition is a key life skill that should be taught in schools to everyone, if you would like to understand how to eat book in for a treatment session or contact us.


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