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Saul Yudelowitz Bsc (Hons)

Most people have a different opinion of what health is, it can usually be found to have a common denominator in age groups. The aged see health as being functional, walking up and down stairs, food shopping and just usual daily movements. The young usually associate health with not being sick.

Health for all of us should be, or part of our definition should be: Having the ability to continue using the human body the way it was designed to function with out some one assisting us, all the way into old age. In short being able to do the things that you take for granted now when you are 80 years old or more!

Contrary to what most medical doctors will tell you, this is achievable. This remark is not a swipe at the medical fraternity but just a realisation that what is taught in medicine is largely influenced by the pharmaceutical companies. As a Sports Biomechanic I see patients who have problems that canít be sorted out by your typical medical approach. This is because they do not use a holistic approach to the patient. I have seen many patients with different musculoskeletal problems which I have corrected for them however I always explain to them that you can't have long term health without a healthy digestive system.

Most people you ask about their digestive health will say that they are just fine as they are regular. Doctors usually agree with this however if we review the basic physiology of the GI tract (The entire digestive system) it has 3 main functions

1. Digestion

2. Absorption and

3. Elimination

A patient that is regular has a healthy large intestine as this is the part of the GI tract involved with elimination; it says nothing about the small intestine and stomach.

Most digestion and absorption is done by the small intestine and doctors canít get their invasive probes to this part of the GI tract to see what it looks like (Endoscope).

If you have the dreaded love handles and or a bulging abdomen then you are most likely suffering from fermentation in the small intestine. This is due to the refined sugar overload that people have placed on the digestive system. In short the respiratory and digestive tracts have a large amount of balanced bacteria. When we eat poorly, consume too much refined sugar, sweetener and carbohydrates or over use drugs the unfriendly bacteria thrive. This results in the food fermenting in the small intestine and producing toxins which eventually overload the liver and land up in the systemic circulation where the effects are numerous and varied. This leads doctors not being able to make or confirm a diagnosis as they are examining the systems incorrectly.

The sugar over load eventually leads to highs and lows in the blood sugar level which will result in the adrenal glands secreting adrenalin. Adrenalin is pretty powerful stuff ask any paramedic what it can do to a patient in anaphylactic shock. Use your adrenalin wisely it is not an unlimited supply. To keep the systems balanced the body releases a hormone called cortisol due to stress. This is what will give you a big, fat tummy!

The problems run deeper then aesthetics, you now wake up tired, need a stimulant to get going in the morning, have low energy levels during the day, cant think as well as you used to, physically you are not where you should be for your age and all you think you need to do is get into the gym and run so that you can get that body you want, DEAD WRONG! Gym is the last place you need to be as all you will do stress the adrenal out even more by running! You should first start by reducing your stress levels and then easing into a gym routine. If you are thinking clearly then you know why governments around the world will not win the war against obesity and so many other associated diseases that come with it!

Letís look at some of the advice given by US and UK government websites for obesity.

  • Eat less calories than you burn, this is the same as you financial advisor asking you to spend more than you earn.
  • Counting calories is utter rubbish and not science. We all eat plants, if you eat a steak you are eating the grass the cow ate indirectly. Sun light energy, gives plants matter by process call photosynthesis; we eat the plants and convert this matter into energy. Calories or Jules is a scientific measurement used in electricity and other energy systems, NOT IN CONVERTING MATTER INTO ENERGY. Our body works like a nuclear power plant to convert matter into energy.
  • Exercise, lots of cardiovascular exercise. Some physiology texts are just wrong in the way they explain the way the body burns fat. When you stress the body you release adrenalin and then your cortisol levels increase. If you have elevated cortisol levels you will burn sugars, muscle and then fat IN THAT ORDER. So running thousands of miles will make you thin but not lean, ask any athlete about this enormously huge difference. Thin people are weak while lean people are strong for their size.
  • Physiology texts say that you will burn sugar, fat and then muscle in this order. This is only true if cortisol levels are low. Any endocrinologist who is half good at what they do will agree. You wonít burn fat while running.
The exercise that one should start with is learning how to have and maintain good posture when you are stationary and when you move. This requires good flexability. Any exercise program should be balanced between cardiovascular, weight bearing exercise and stretching.

In a nutshell you need to take responsibility for your health, it canít be commercialised. This is good news for you! If you are intrested in getting on the healthy side and staying there, book in.......


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