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Neurodegenerative disease

Where does neurodegenerative disease come from?

Saul Yudelowitz BSc(Hons)

All neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and others like ALS, MND and to a lesser extent but still a significant cause, autism come from chronic low levels of inflammation of the GIT (CLLoGI).

So, why is neurodegenerative disease on such a steep increase? This is a complexed issue and one surrounded by a great deal of misinformation but of the 4 main reasons for the cause, one of them is CLLoGI. In todays lifestyle we live a very fast passed life compared with just 2-3 decades ago and a significantly faster one when compared with 4-5 decades ago. This has lead to food being prepared faster as well! As a result CLLoGI are rampant among the Western diet and becoming more common in the Eastern diet, especially in China where financial growth has grown exponentially as has lifestyle speed increased. Just a few decades ago, humans used to predigest (PreD) all grains and seeds that were consumed. This literally meant that these foods when cooked would enter the human gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and could be digested and not causes CLLoGI.

Here is an example that everyone has experienced. If you have eaten corn from a can you cant mistake the shape of the bright yellow corn. Once consumed, when the corn has being passed through the GIT they look exactly the same in the feces as they did in the can! This only achieves two things. First we experience a bloated, full sensation although we are still hungry. It becomes difficult to find a content sensation from eating, as nothing seems to satisfy our hunger. This then leads to the second experience. We begin looking for a stimulant, as we feel tired, coffee is commonly consumed due to this but once again it doesn’t do what we feel we need, so sugar is the next stimulant we typically search out.

Here is the explanation for what is occurring, why we experience these sensations and why we react in this manner! When we educe bloating in the GIT we can’t digest food, we begin growing the unhealthy yeast, bacteria and viruses in the GIT, a very common yeast found in the GIT causes thrush. This yeast, candida consumes sugar and produces many toxins, one of them being a weak alcohol. It’s these toxins that give us the brain fog or sleepiness we experience after consuming food that is not PreD. In the end we crave more sugar in the hope that it will give us the boost we require but it is just the yeast inside our GIT that wants more sugar.

Typically waking up in the morning after eating a meal like this becomes very difficult and one would give just about anything for another 10-15 minutes in bed. Once you are out of bed there is still CLLoGI and so a stimulant is required but it just doesn’t seem to do what you require.

Here is an experiment that you can try. On an empty stomach, that is to say you haven’t eaten for at least 4 hours, eat the following. White bread with a spread on, or brown rice with some type of other food, canned beans with rice and fish. End your meal with a generous amount of strawberries. You will experience bloating, tiredness, brain fog, a diminished ability to deal with stress, a craving for stimulants, inability to eat so that you feel content, but you will be hungry while your gut feels full and a few other symptoms that are perhaps not very social.

You are experiencing CLLoGI and since the GIT is considered an external organ, a great deal of the bacteria; viruses and yeast will enter into your blood. Initially your immune system will deal fairly well with this onslaught however with CLLoGI some of these get through and find areas in the body where they thrive. Yeast in particular has a rather high affinity to neural tissue because of its metabolism.Yeast requires sugar!

Its sad to see today some of the advice given to patients regarding nutrition. Lets take a look back at history. Humans have been eating bread; grains, gluten, seeds and many more foods that are advised to be dropped from ones diet for hundreds of thousands of years. So what has changed, why is so much advice just down right wrong? The preparation of food in the vast majority of cases is far more important that what we are eating. If your G-D came down from the heavens and gave you a chicken it would be the healthiest chicken that there has ever been. It would tick every box and more. Organic, free range, hormone free………………..

If you now took the chicken and deep fried it you would have the healthiest chicken that is not considered a food but has now become toxic. Cutting out gluten and much of the other advice on food allergies just shows a lack of basic physiology and biochemistry.

Here’s why, lets take brown rice as an example. It is good for us, much better than white rice however it still contains the husk. This is the part that has the insoluble fiber and this is what cleans the GIT. Insoluble fiber as the name might suggest to some can’t be digested by the human GIT, actually any animal that eats animal fat can’t digest it! We should take brown rice, and sock it in water for at least 18-24 hours so that it is PreD. What you will see are white bubbles with a little throth. This is from the yeast that has been eating the sugar content of the rice and as a result the rice has become PerD. With the husk softened up by the PreD state the human body can now digest the rice and the insoluble fiber will clean out the GIT. What you will also experience is a content meal because your GIT can absorb the nutrients you are consuming. This results in the amount of food you consume drastically being reduced because we do not run on calories but nutrients and your body will want food till it has the nutrients it requires!

All grains and seeds and some nuts should be soaked for 18-24 hours, adding bakers yeast in the beginning is advisable, and this is what has been done in human history when preparing food! The preparation of food is very important and if cooked quickly the human GIT cant absorb the nutrients. Bread is another example however today self raising flower is typically used. This has the effect of growing the yeast in the GIT with all the bad symptoms. After eating you should never feel tired, you should feel neurally engaged. Happy eating!

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