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Hormone Balance

Hormonal Balance

Saul Yudelowitz BSc (Hons)

It is very common today to see a chronic, suboptimal hormonal function in the clinical setting. Many people have no idea as to what is causing their symptoms.

The hormonal system has its foundations in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and the Pinal gland (PG); from this the Pituitary gland is controlled. The PG’s main function is measuring the intensity of light that enters the eyes. It has been known for a few decades that shift work can cause cancer; the scientific proof for this has only been available for the last 3-4 years though. All hormones need to be released in a very strict manner and the two most important variables are.

1. Timing, when a hormone is released relative to the circadian rhythm and

2. Hormones are typically released in pustule doses over a period of time. This could be once in a 24 hour period or diurnal.

What is seen in human hormonal control, the powerful hormones like Growth Hormone (GH) have a pustule release and should be diurnal. There are of course exceptions to the rule. Adrenalin is released instantly as it is under neural control however the significant difference between these two is,the many steps that are need to occur for GH to be produced. In comparison to adrenalin GH has many more checks and balances to obtain before manufacture.

Timing, this is becoming a significant problem in our modern world. If you allow your PG to become dysfunctional by over stimulating your visual senses you will have imbalance that is chronic and typically manifests in the 4th or 5th decade of life. Some examples of overstimulation of the PG are:

1. Use of a computer monitor at work and then using your lap top at home to ‘surf’ or any other task. Limit home (evening) work to a maximum of 30 minutes.

2. TV, do not leave it on if you are not watching. Limit this to a maximum of 1 hour.

3. Artificial bright lighting, install dimmers and reduce the ‘lux’ – measurement of the intensity of light, so that your PG can be stimulated. This is very important for eating dinner or your last meal.

The light should not be so dim that you can’t see where you are walking however at night we need to reduce the intensity of artificial light. Do not do this during the day time as it will affect the PG, it could lead to depression.

So now that you understand how important timing is for the release of the hormonal system, let’s look at how you can quickly assess the male and female system and what else you can do with out relying on medicine (drugs).

For the female:

If you are not using a contraceptive medicine. You should naturally have a regular menstruation. The more consistent this is, with the same flow occurring at the same period of mesas the more balanced your system is.

For the male:

There are two assessments here, first the amount of sperm ejaculated and how often you awake in the morning with an erection. Now the second point is variable as GH also peaks at about 4am but this will depend on how well balanced your hormonal system is and what time you fell asleep, not what time you went to bed.

So what can we do? All most all the steroid hormones come from cholestral. We get our cholesterol from fat, yes that white fat on meat, fish and other animal products.

I have 5 years experience working with Olympic athletes. The harder you train the more cholestral you need, the more you stress the body the more cholestral you need, but you can’t just have any fat and how you cook the fat is extremely important. By the way, exercise is stress; it is just a different type of stress to your work stress.

The body stores toxins in fat and this is also one reason that fat people can consume more alcohol that lean people. If you eat animal fat from an animal that has been fed hormones so that it can be sold for a higher price you are eating someone medicine cabinet.

Remember that the food you eat is as healthy as the foot it eats and the environment it lives in. Next how we cook food is so very important. If you get the best meat from your G-D and deep fry it, it chemically becomes rancid. This rancid fat will give you heart disease and many other problems typically starting by increasing your blood pressure, then leading to diabetes and progressing from there.

You have to eat organic lived and fed food. Lived literally means that animals are not stored in cages all their life and are allowed to rome aroundthe fields.

So your steak comes from a normal farm and not a mass production plant for food. You need to place it in the over and grill it on low heal for a longer time. Set the temperature to 100-150 degrees Celsius and then cook. The size/weight of the meat will determine what temperature and time you need.

Place no cooking oil on the grilling pan, place water, add spice to your taste and cook. Do not burn the meat and do not eat your meat blue, medium rare is biochemically best.

If you increase your fat consumption relative to the level of stress that you place the body under and do not over stimulate your visual senses thereby inhibiting the PG you will have a reliably well balanced hormonal system. The result will be seen in a significant change in the assessments used for the male and female. Anyone with a condition affected by these organs should consider these changes.

Do remember you should discuss any changes that you would like to implement into your lifestyle with your medical team and health providers. The point of this article is to allow you to make an informed choice about your health and not just rely on medicine.

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