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Extract from a presentation to The Womens Chinese Olympic Golf Team for 2012

Extract from a presentation to

The Womenís Chinese Olympic Golf Team for 2012.

Saul Yudelowits BSc (Hons)

Golf is often a sport seen as mental and not very physical, this is not correct. The swing during a drive places enormous forces onto the spine. The biomechanics of the swing are complexed and integrating all components to achieve what is known as the coiling affect is difficult. Todayís presentation will focus on the mental aspect of the game though. Thinking like a winner in conjunction with good biomechanics will make you a winner. Thinking like a winner (TLW) is a learnt response to the different situations that the professional athlete is exposed to. For ladies it is rather easy to explain it in the following manner.

There are a high percentage of marriages that end in divorce; this is replicated throughout the world. What women need to understand is that boys are typically spoilt by their mothers, if this carries on into the late teenage years this boy when looking for a wife really is looking for someone like his mother. No I donít believe in Frauds theory but what Im getting at is as a man he is looking for someone who will run after him and pick up his clothes off the floor, wash the dishes, tell him where he has put his socks etc.

There comes a point in time when the wife tells the man that while she loves him she is not in love with him, this is something that typically sends the man to the bar to complain to a friend that his wife wants to leave him because she loves him but is not in love with him. Men usually canít tell the difference between these two statements. Things can go from bad to worse. Men who are in the Ďdog boxí typically purchase their wife flowers and cant understand why she doesnít want them. This is because the women do not want to feel bribed into feeling better when the issues have not been addressed. Purchasing flowers for your wife when you are wrong is an insult to her honor.

Here is another example that most people donít realize. A husband comes home and communicates to his wife that he will be playing golf on Friday with his friends and after the game going down to the pub for some drinks afterwards. The wife listening to this nods her head. The husband understands the nodding of his wifeís head as agreement while his wife understands this as LISTENING to her husbandís communication.

This results in the husband coming home late on Friday night a little drunk and getting the cold shoulder from his wife which he canít understand because she knew he was going to the pub after golf.

You see ladies, in truth is has been scientifically proved for many years that the majority of women choose their partner and in order for you to TLW you will have to be very accurate at communicating with your husband. When or if he purchases you flowers because he is wrong, you should explain in explicit terms why you donít want them and not assume that he understands this. The male species has typically evolved less than women when it comes to emotional intelligence. As a typical example men have an immature attitude to their reproductive health when compared with women. No this is not an attack on men; the blame is equal however this presentation is to women and not men.

So what can you take out of this in order to TLW when competing on the field and you are in the rough? Well the first point would be to get accurate information and be sure this is not an opinion and it is fact. This requires good communication and because you play golf on your own it requires the most difficult communication of all. Communication with your self. Understanding when to use the left, right or left and right side of your brain in this situation is the key. One of the problems with modern education system is that they do not teach you how to communicate with yourself, especially when under stress. Most people not only just use the left hemisphere but tend to base many actions on though that is processed from the hind brain, the part designed for survival when faced with life or death situations. While landing up in the rough on day one of four is not a life or death situation, perceiving it in this manner will not allow you to TLW.

This is the key as I have mentioned earlier, analysis of factual information.

Once factual information is assessed in the correct manner, that is to say what hemispheres processes the information a fundamental part of TLW is achieved, direction. With direction you now have something to focus your attention on and use your brain accordingly. With out direction you would be like the space shuttle flying in space without a navigation system trying to get back to earth. It brings me to a point that I often explain to patients in the flowing manner. Just because you are enthusiastic it does not necessarily mean you are correct. Enthusiasm directed in the wrong direction will only make you enthusiastically injure your self if you are an athlete training for an event.

So a good way to start practicing to TLW is with your husband or a loved one. When they have annoyed you, get factual information to assess. Use the correct hemisphere to assess this information and from this achieve a direction that you would like to move towards. If you canít do this with the ones that you love you will never be able to do it with your self and since golf is played on your own unlike a team sport you will lose, no matter how hard you try!

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