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What you need for health!

What does it take to get good health care?

Saul Yudelowitz BSc (Hons)

Today is the 1st of February 2010. We as a human race have accomplished many wonderful achievements however in some of our modern practices we have evolved and in others we have devolved. Another way to say this is that we have evolved to become worse off and not better off!

Two excellent examples are the advancement of electronics and how this has helped to develop other useful inventions. This would of course be evolution. The second example is our health care systems that are just not healthy. This would be devolution. You need to understand what Im getting at and this requires common sense. While modern health care systems (MHCS) have a place and purpose they fail at providing health to the nation. If you were to have an accident or injury and required surgery or the use of antibiotics to treat an infection, then our MHCS is excellent at this. MHCS are great at getting rid of disease and they have evolved remarkably at this. However you canít define health by the lack of disease and so our MHCS fail here. The main problem with MHCS is that they use a reductionist approach and not a holistic approach in their model. The vast majority of people are unaware of what extent the pharmaceutical companies have not just over the medical practice but also what the medical practice teaches at university. You see the body does follow the mind, this can be proved in many different ways but the problem is that MHCS separate the body and mind and see them as separate entities. Health can only come from four systems. First the neural health of the brain, this includes our belief system as this is what determines our reaction to stimuli. This is why most parents make the same mistakes their parents made. You can only do what you know and changing what you know is possible and does not take years. There is an immense amount of information that is respected on Ďhow we thinkí. Change for the better is possible. The second is hormonal health, this is also vital as the key here is timing and amount of hormone released. There is lots of evidence that shift work can cause cancer but what they havenít put into the equation is the poor circadian rhythms. Your circadian rhythms determine when hormones are released. What most people donít realize is that the hormonal system is constantly adapting to your environment, internal and external. In our 8th decade of life women tend to have higher male hormones circulating then men, while men tend to have higher female hormones circulating. Ever wonder why women grow male pattern facial hair and men get bigger ears and noses? The third system is gastrointestinal health (GIT). If your GIT health is compromised then no matter what you eat or supplements that you use, your body just canít assimilate the nutrients and grow healthy. Chronic low grade inflammation in the GIT in our opinion is the main driver behind autoimmune disease. This is our opinion and has not been scientifically looked into. We take a holistic approach and have combined the entire body to formulate this opinion. There is plenty scientific research to show that GIT health and joints are intimately related. The fourth system is your musculoskeletal health. This includes all muscles, bones, joints, viscera and more. Knowing how to move correctly allows the energy to flow in the body. This is what is vital to our health so that we do not wear out or joints, damage our viscera etc. The Chinese medicine of recognizing this energy flow and the benefits it brings to health have been well studied in many different from. There are many different reasons that energy can be blocked and not flow in the body.

So you might want to know what you should demand from MHCS and if your system is being overhauled now is a great time to let the people that you pay to hear your concerns. Demand all four systems. Get educated on them so that you can make informed decisions about your health. You truly are not holistic if you donít consider all four systems. Life is a wonderful gift and no it doesnít always run smooth but when you are healthy you will have the ability to see anything through and grow stronger. Happy people are healthy people, you will either grow old and grumpy or you will grow old and be happy, the choice is yours.

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