I just wanted to write and thank you for the progress I have made. When I first sought your help I had a very limited goal. To spend less time with my physio having my serious back problem treated.
The spectacular progress I have made, as a result of your help, has allowed me to raise my goals. I now plan to return to athletics, again with your help.
As I am registered severely disabled this is a considerable testament to your skill.


Trevor Link

I went to see Saul to get rid of the pain from my lower back, having fused my lumbar vertebra. After seeing many physiotherapists i was not convinced that Saul could help, however he got me back on my feet so that i could continue with my active lifestyle pain free.
I would recommend Saul to anyone who has pain and is serious about exercising correctly so that they can be pain free.

Richard Hoggard

Saul Yudelowitz has been helping me to correct my posture for the last year. In this time my handicap has improved over four strokes, I am now playing off +2.
I have attended professorial schools in the USA and would not hesitate to recommend Saul, his knowledge is astounding.

Max Coleman -(Former English junior golf champion)

I went to see Saul Yudelowitz about my ongoing back pain. I was very pleased when he corrected the problem in 3 months. I was previously seeing many different therapists over a 4 year period, all of which did not accomplish what Saul did in 3 months.

Jason Good

I was recommended to see Saul by my physiotherapist, having an acute scoliosis of 16 degrees and previously competing in carting to the highest level, I sustained many injuries. I am now more functional and fitter that I have ever been. The method of exercising Saul prescribed to me has shown me how to look at the body and exercise the way I was designed to function.

Barry Sher-(Former European carting champion)

Having trained with Saul on correcting my posture for 6 months I then tore my hamstring muscle on holiday. After 3 months of rehabilitative exercises I was back exercising to a high intensity level. Saul is a knowledgeable professional who should be consulted by every one who seriously wants permanent improvements

Garth Ritchie

I have suffered lower back pain for 20 years… even when treatment has been successful, it has only been temporary. I first saw the sports biomechanic in September 2005. Over the next few weeks, closely following his revolutionary stretching techniques, my back pain completely disappeared. With continued stretching 4-5 times a week I no longer suffer any symptoms…at 44 years of age I'm playing the best golf of my life, at a time when most players are starting to deteriorate

Phillip Bass

I first started receiving treatment from Saul about a year ago when my lower back problems resurfaced. His treatment, rehabilitation and exercise program has allowed me to finally put my back problems to rest. I continued to see Saul for help with my golf; I was playing golf off a 2 where I am now playing scratch.

Brett Townsend

I first went to see Saul right at the beginning of 2007, and went through in detail what I wanted to achieve in the year ahead: It involved losing 7 stone, toning up and reclaiming my life back, thereby gaining control of my propensity to do things to the extreme! A tall order, you would think? Well….it has been hard work, but so far I have lost 5.5 stone, and 10 inches off my waist! These improvements are very welcome, but they are, of course, mainly aesthetic. However the real point is that my body fat has plummeted, my resting heart rate is much lower, I am much fitter and I feel great!

Saul is passionate about his profession, and his clients are made to feel very important. He believes in a collaborative relationship…if you put the work in, he will be at your disposal. I have tried various diets and exercise regimes over the years, and what is important to me this time is to lose the weight once and for all. I decided that the only way to do this was to change the way I do things…the way I think, eat and exercise. So when I spoke to Saul at the outset, it was important to me that he understood, in depth, all of these components. He really knows his profession, and his knowledge of the human body is encyclopedic: he can talk in detail about bones, tendons, muscles, the cardiovascular system, the hormonal system, the gut and the mind. His enthusiasm is infectious, and I wouldn’t think twice about working with him. Saul has helped me to focus on those three pillars of mind, nutrition and exercise, so that I am now confident I will achieve my goals…we will work together to ensure this, and the positive feedback I keep getting from friends and family will feed my thirst for success!

Thank you Saul.


I woke up one day in November 2002 with excruciating back pain and sciatica, and I have suffered everyday since. In the early days I had extensive physiotherapy and took the occasional painkiller but my symptoms never really improved. I was diagnosed with three herniated lumbar discs in 2004, most likely the result of weight training and rugby I played in the late 90s. By mid-2005 the pain was unbearable so I underwent lumbar discectomy. The operation relieved my sciatica but made by back pain worse. My back continued to deteriorate, despite weekly physiotherapy, and by early 2007 my back pain was the worst it had ever been – I was in severe pain 24 hours per day and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. In February 2007 I was signed off work and have been on sick leave ever since. I spent February to July visiting a variety of doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. No two specialists concurred on the cause of my pain and I underwent around ten torturous but futile hospital procedures, including epidural, facet joint, sacro-iliac, piriformis and prolotherapy injections, and a dose of nerve root pulsed radiofrequency. I was put on powerful pain medication – an NSAID, a muscle relaxant and a nerve pain suppressant. By July the doctors had run out of ideas and quite frankly I had run out of hope. It was at the end of July that I remembered encountering Saul, a sport’s biomechanic, at a party a year earlier.

I have been working with Saul for just over ten months now and I have come off all the medications and would say that my pain is 80% improved. This is quite incredible and I know many practitioners did not believe that such an improvement was possible. Saul designed a personalised rehabilitation program for me which involved a number of targeted stretches and functional strengthening exercises. The program was designed to correct the various postural dysfunctions and muscular imbalances that were contributing to my pain. It has been a hard graft but Saul has been extremely supportive throughout and clearly the results speak for themselves.

Saul’s approach is unlike any other therapist I have worked with – we spend a lot of time in the gym since the idea is for me to learn how to move and exercise correctly such that I am able to maintain a level of fitness and remain injury-free and pain-free for the rest of my life. Saul has also helped with my nutrition, supplementation and sleep; he takes a fully holistic approach. Unlike many other practitioners I have worked with, Saul actively invites me to ask questions and interrogate him. I have to say that he pretty much always seems to know the answer, but on the rare occasions he might not, he always ponders the question and finds a solution for next time.

The past eighteen months has been extremely tough but thanks to Saul I am now able to look forward to a potentially pain-free future and start making plans again. Without doubt, the silver lining of the past eighteen months for me has been the opportunity to work with and learn from a professional like Saul – I truly believe that I have learnt skills and knowledge that will help me stay healthy for the next 50 years! I plan to continue working with Saul even when I am 100% fit as I believe that he is the coach who will help me realise my future health and fitness goals, whatever I decide them to be. He will be able to help you realise your goals too.

SP, 29 years old, Investment Banker

I suffered from persistent, chronic achilles tendonitis from the Winter 1998. This affected both my achilles tendons. Indeed, I had reached the stage where my achilles were so inflamed that even walking was painful. Between Spring 1999 and Spring 2007, I received a range of medical advice and received treatment from multiple physiotherapists, some of which reduced the short term pain, but none of which solved the long term underlying problems, and the tendonitis returned as soon as restarted an intensive training program. The cumulative advice from these experts was that I would need to stop intensive exercise (mainly running on an athletics track) if the tendonitis was to subside. At this stage, I was convinced that I would never be able to run competitively again, and certainly not without considerable pain. I began seeing Saul in Spring 2007 who prescribed a range of stretching and strengthening exercises (combined with an initial period of no running). Since Autumn 2007, I have been able to run on the track as often and as intensively as I have time for. When keeping to Saul's regime of stretching and strengthening exercises, I have suffered no pain in my achilles at all (for which I am truly grateful).

J. Parker

I have known Saul since 2006: seldom have I met a more dedicated professional in any arena. Saul is passionate about what he does - it is his mission to ensure that each client enjoys measurable, sustained and ongoing improvements in their wellbeing.
Now in my mid-40’s, I have been involved in competitive sports all my life. I have enjoyed considerable success, but have never achieved my full potential – often suffering ‘overuse’ injuries at critical stages in my representative career. Like many of us nowadays, I have a sedentary way of life but still have the desire to train regularly.
I started a program of treatment and training with Saul in February 2008 with a view to re-learning the way I exercised. I was looking for something different – Saul did not disappoint. Employing the radical (for me) discipline of ‘sports biomechanics’ Saul first set about (re-) educating how I view and use my biomechanical potential.
Within a few weeks I was able to exercise consistently harder, for longer, without suffering any of the usual niggles, aches and pains. A stunning outcome! Saul’s holistic approach is structured and varied – it is also challenging and great fun. Saul communicates the scientific (biomechanical) principles he is using – it is important to me to understanding how his approach works – effectively and without condescension.
Saul’s approach particularly suits the self-reliant, disciplined client who wants to build an ongoing relationship. Certainly you will benefit from a short-term input from Saul, but in my experience by adhering to an ongoing program you will benefit from a sustainable improvement in your overall wellbeing. Whether you need to rehabilitate or want to achieve your true sporting potential, I cannot recommend Saul and his approach highly enough.

David Wightman
Managing Partner
Clearwater Wealth Management

Saul was recommended to me by a work colleague, who saw me stretching in the office in the 'traditional' way.
I was suffering with plantar fasciitis, an annoying and slow to improve complaint.
Prior to seeing Saul I had had a cortisone injection on the recommendation of a consultant, to no avail.
I could hardly walk when I first saw Saul, but after my first consultation during which he showed me some dynamic stretches, I had almost complete relief from the pain and was able to walk freely.
I have continued with the stretching exercises and new ones have been introduced.
I feel confident that I will be back to distance running and football very soon.
Saul has opened my mind to a far more dynamic side of healing, that actually works.
Many thanks.


Hi Saul

Thank you so much for your generosity and for doing such amazing work. It was a huge pleasure to meet someone so dedicated to creating well-being and freedom and who has understood so deeply how to help people achieve it for themselves. You made me realise again that the answers to many fundamental questions are so simple that nobody wants to know them because they render further interventions unnecessary! I feel already changes in energy due to doing the exercises today and I can tell you it's been like a search for the holy grail to find an answer that makes the changes happen from the inside. I’m so happy and so grateful.


As a professional golfer I came to the realisation that working on my technique alone was only going to get me so far. After one consultation with Saul he instantly observed my posture and technique, identified the flaws and put me on a course of stretching and strengthening exercises. My distance and ball striking improved immensely in the few weeks following. I have continued to work with Saul, and have seen a real consistency in my swing that my body was not capable of before. I would strongly recommend working with Saul, I am hitting the ball longer, striking it cleaner, and my average scores have been significantly lowered

Nick Olson
Tour Professional

I met Saul 4 years. I had persistent lower back pain and stiffness. My initial expectation for treatment was for him to do some manipulation for pain relief (as per other practitioners I had experienced). To my surprise, he put me through a 3 month program of stretching and strengthening exercises. Saul’s aim is to cure and prevent. That is to put our bodies back into their nature intended physical structure and towards an ideal biomechanic movement.

After all evolution did not plan for us to sit for 8 hours at a desk! but more as hunters and gatherers of food rather than gatherers of a wage packet.
Take heed, Saul provides you with his Google of 'Sports biomechanics knowhow' but the benefits are proportional to what you put in. Four years later I am still using the same stretches. My squash games, golf and dancing all put a toll on a mid forties body but I'm now less susceptible to injury and my recuperation is shorter.

So much so that in March 2009 I did a 46 storey stair climb up Tower42 in London. I consulted Saul 6 weeks prior to the event for advice on my suitability. Saul advised that without improving my biomechanics, my knees would suffer long term injury. He devised a training plan where I would simultaneously

improve my cardio
improve the alignment of my hips, knees and feet
train to switch on the appropriate muscles (Yes, stair climbing muscles differ from running muscles)

Of course the appropriate post stair climbing stretches were also devised.
Well I completed the 46 storey stair climb in 6 Min 35 sec. Next it's the 1776 steps (around 98 floors) of the CN Tower. I now regularly stair climb 70 to 80 real floors (not step machine) in a training session with ease.

Whether you are training for an event or seek corrective therapy, there is only one person I can recommend. Life is short...let Saul help you to extend your wellbeing.


Current medical opinion regarding scoliosis and spinal stenosis is that surgery is inevitable if the condition progresses past a certain point. Although I received kind and thoughtful treatment from my orthopaedic surgeon, his model did not extend any further and his prognosis was the same.

Happily, a doctor friend suggested I saw Saul - whom he described as "the kind of person we medics hate because he does things we can't".

This was no exaggeration. Saul's optimism, his positive approach, and, above all, his exceptional knowledge of body mechanics showed results almost immediately. Pain and discomfort have been reduced to around 20% of their former intensity, and my functionality continues to improve.

Saul is a great healer. Sadly, he is only one person.

Garner Thomson, trainer and author of Magic in Practice: Introducing Medical; NLP - The Art and Science of Language in Healing and Health

Thanks again for helping both Louise and I you certainly changed our lives, especially mine as i had thought next stop would be a back operation.


I have been a medical practitioner for ten years and have been the lead clinician and senior partner in my own practice for the past five years. I have worked with many physiotherapists, osteopaths and musculo-skeletal practitioners over the years.

Over the last two years I have had the privilege of referring my own patients and colleagues to Saul Yudelowitz who is in a league of his own.

Words cannot describe the excellent results he is able to achieve with musculo-skeletal problems. With his careful attention to detail, focus on the whole person and willingness to get to the root of a clinical problem, he is able to help even those who thought they had reached the end of the road in terms of a ‘cure’. His ethos centres around empowering the patient to achieve long term wellness.

I have only the highest praise for his attitude and dedication to his patients who are lucky to have him as their practitioner. He is without doubt the best musculo-skeletal practitioner I have ever worked with.



Senior Partner, The Greens Medical Practice, London, England, UK.

Dear Mr Yudelowitz

As you will by now have been informed your abstract :The tensegrity of fasciahas been selected for a poster presentation at the Third International Fascia Research Congress, Vancouver, March 2012.

I am contacting you, as Editor-in-Chief ofThe Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, the official Publication Sponsor of the conference, regarding publication of the abstract in JBMT, in one of our 2012 issues.

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Please note that while some abstracts will be published as they were submitted to the Scientific Committee, others will be expanded to allow more information to be offered than was possible within the tight word/space limits that were imposed. I am pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to expand your abstract, if you wish.

If this is something you are willing to do, and if you have not already submitted an expanded version elsewhere,please let me know by return

If you do choose to expand the abstract, I will send you further details separately, and possibly some queries

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Please reply to me as a matter of some urgency as publication deadlines are pressing

Yours sincerely

Leon Chaitow ND DO

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