Services for Professional Athletes

Stop the same injuries re-occurring

Compete at a higher level for  longer periods during competition

Increase the length of your career

               Video Analysis
Health and performance uses the Quintic Biomechanics video assessment software.
There have been many professional sporting bodies and sportsmen that have benefited from video assessment.
Services for the General Public

Treatment for Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back, Hip, Knee and many more ....

Assessment of your gastrointestinal, metabolic and  hormonal health as well as posture and biomechanics enables us to empower  you with health for life.

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  As I am registered severely disabled this is a testament to your skill”  - T.L.
At 44 years of age I'm playing the best golf of my life, at a time when most players are starting to deteriorate”  - P.B.
  Health Management For Life

Anyone who brings about improvements so quickly is going to make converts easily”  - Financial Times
His treatment, rehabilitation and exercise program have allowed me to finally put my back problems to rest” – B.T.
              Altitude Training

Yudelowitz is a sports biomechanic specialist and takes a more holistic view of the body than, say, a physiotherapist would. Instead of just treating the symptoms, he identified the problem” – Financial Times